Living with kindred spirits, in nature and people

Hello dear visitor, it’s been a while, since I published a journal about my new life in Britain. Now, at the start of March 2017, after an adventurous period of house hunting, with bizarre encounters and tribulations, my Dutch frankness isn’t always welcome to landlords and landladies, I’ve found a home in the South of Devon.

It seems we’re kindred spirits sharing a home. All of us are comical in our ways and so we laugh in between the grumbles, dancing our dance and seemingly at ease with stepping onto each other’s toes, once in a while.

The sun is in the home all day round and the views are far. Where I am I’m on a high place, very safe from flooding! Close to the sea and to Dartmoor, two goodies in one bag. Hello to you in the image below!

Totnes churchyard 03-2017 (4)

This house hunting has been an experience that teaches me how important it is to enjoy a reasonable comfortable home, a place you can call your own space where you feel at ease and happy, returning after a long day outdoors.

A few impressions of where I live. Please move over the pictures for titles

After moving 3 times in one year I’m looking forward to a time of rest, enjoying the first year of my retirement without  worries and anxiety and the relief that my time is mine. What better time of year than finding my feet and leaving footsteps in this landscape of rolling hills! March and April are the months I enjoyed living in Bridgetown Totnes. Unexpectedly, I had to leave again and found a much better living space in Ashburton. Less density of hippie trippie people and tourism, no beggars in the streets here.       

There’s more quietude and, most welcome, Ashburton is closer to the Moors! This part of Devon is where I feel at home. Totnes is a nice town for visits to the Friday/Sat. market and musical events. Totnes is on a 45 min. busride from where I live now.

River Dart near Totnes 04-2017.jpg

A hollow tree on the way to Ashprington and a dog with watchful eyes


Totnes churchyard 03-2017 (5).jpg
St. Mary’s churchyard Totnes with the sun on naked branches


Churchyard St. Mary Totnes 04-2017.jpg
St. Mary’s Churchyard with trees in spring-dresses, leavely to see the changes!




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Published by

Marian Baghor

I'm living in the UK in freedom, without an obligation to work for an income. I'm buzzy as a bee, exploring druid county Devon: the Moors of Dartmoor, the Atlantic Ocean coast, living in a home called Avalon. Baking bread in terracotta plantpots, gardening, crafting, spinning wool, singing and dancing. Creating a life in wellbeing with others in Devon's lush green countryside, in a small town. We're living in a shifting reality, due to a flowering of consciousness or in other words, the embodiment of our soul in a physical body. A waking up to who we truly are. Who was I before I forgot who I was? And who am I now? Attention is consciousness in motion or the eyes of our spirit in the hands of our body, at work. Enjoy a good life, just to your liking. Safe journey!

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