Alice in Wonderland audio-book






Published by

Marian Baghor

I'm living in the UK in freedom, without an obligation to work for an income. I'm buzzy as a bee, exploring druid county Devon: the Moors of Dartmoor, the Atlantic Ocean coast, living in a home called Avalon. Baking bread in terracotta plantpots, gardening, crafting, spinning wool, singing and dancing. Creating a life in wellbeing with others in Devon's lush green countryside, in a small town. We're living in a shifting reality, due to a flowering of consciousness or in other words, the embodiment of our soul in a physical body. A waking up to who we truly are. Who was I before I forgot who I was? And who am I now? Attention is consciousness in motion or the eyes of our spirit in the hands of our body, at work. Enjoy a good life, just to your liking. Safe journey!

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