Alice in Wonderland audio-book






Published by

Marian Baghor

I'm living in the UK in freedom, without an obligation to work for an income. I'm buzzy as a bee, exploring druid county Devon: the Moors of Dartmoor, the Atlantic Ocean coast, living in a home with the name Avalon on the front door. It's been a year of moving around a bit and now I hope to settle in Devon's lush green countryside, in a small town. We're living in a shifting reality, due to a flowering of consciousness, an invitation, if you will, to embody our soul in a physical body. A waking up to who we truly are. Who was I before I forgot who I was? We're the changers and the changed and therefore the unknown is part of this process, requiring confidence and trust. Attention is consciousness in motion or the eyes of our spirit in the hands of our body, practically at work, with the company of our heart. Enjoy a good life, just to your liking. Safe journey!

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