The Flowering of Human Consciousness

August 4  2017

My view on the process of Awakening or the Flowering of Human Consciousness.

To be clear, I’m not against trial and error or any feelings and the awareness of them, as a human being in progress. It’s the instant karma, or the fruit of what we’ve sown, staring in our face, that I’m addressing now. Triggers are all over the place and much drama is acted out in many ways. On the global political arena and in all organisations based on abuse of power and money.

Some people feel blissful, some feel depressed, many experience all the shades and mood-swings in between. Be it doubtful, insecure or feeling alienated to what seemed familiar, predictable, or taken for granted. Much isn’t what is presented as truth, factual.

I’ve come to a conclusion that we need to step out of the 3D paradigm of judgment and dualistic thinking, before we’re able to grasp the true nature of  Awakening aka The Flowering of Human Consciousness.

Fire and water.jpg
To me, there’s a stepping out of the box as in leaving The Matrix, the lifestyle of the common people obeying to the norm presented to us in all manners, in between (by starting attempts such as moments in history with spiritual upliftment) as well as a stepping out of a box that is our self-made moral instruction manual, based on our experiences in a 3D vibration and the interpretations thereof, our conception of them.

To outgrow that program takes a while and needs excersize and maintainance of our attitude going through change. A change that is, to me, a “once in a lifecycle time” presented to us, humanity at large, for the first time in all the many lives we (may) have lived on planet Earth. The sun in our Solar System, our life- and light-giver, is nurturing us in more ways than our physical existence.

Imagine the sun as a lens, passing on “data” coming from the center of our Galaxy.       The position of our Solar System is in line with a larger positioning in our Galaxy, that is coming into an effect now. An aligning with a source of information, some call it The Photon Belt or The Event Horizon (check the work of Nassim Haramein and Gregg Braden if you wish to learn more of what that means). Remember Dec. 21 2012?        

The ancient Maya culture defined that date as “The end of time as we know it”.

When you hold that vision in your mind’s eye, imagining that channel or portal, connecting the center of the Galaxy with our Sun, which passes the data through its firey mass and sends it to planet Earth. Part of the change now, is that science and spiritual knowledge begins to connect, finding resonance in recognizing that the Sun is physically, or at least in its functioning, is changing. Forget the warnings about the Sun causing cancer, that’s a construction of lies meant to withhold you of receiving the beneficial rays of the Sun indirectly in your eyes.

Sungazers choose the early or late hour of the day, to look into the Sun. They start with 10 seconds first, slowly building up the length of time when sungazing. Never attempt to look directly in the sun at noon. With the August 21st 2017 Solar Eclipse coming, it’s commonly known that it’s advised to use a device when looking at the Sun. On a cloudy day there’s still sunlight present, there’s still light to see the world around us.

I’ll tell you something I’ve experienced, also related to an Awakening, regarding sunlight and eyes: I’ve experienced a change in my eyes and brain, taking 9 months. Painful? Yes, unless during sleep, which took 14 hours out of 24 hours, for the first 4 months. My eyes couldn’t bear the light of the sun or lamps, I had to cover my eyes and head, when going outdoors. Fortunately, I was aware of what happened, at least, the cause.

One week after my decision to stop my catering business Andermaal, Sept. 1995, my eyes were red and sore when I woke up one day. Call it a burn out (the term was unknown at the time) a process of grieving, a wake up call, it doesn’t matter. After a few months of burning pain in my eyes and exhaustion (hence my need for many hours of sleep), I stood one morning in my living room, feeling as if I stood with my back against the wall.

I knew that on that moment I was given a choice. Either I would say “No” to my life and I knew that I would die, due to the breakdown of my immune system, or I would say “Yes” to my life and live. Without thinking my answer was “YES!” Like a bell ringing, it was a sensation through all fibers of my being and physical body. Something shifted inside, I knew that from that moment all would work out for the better and that springtime of the next year (1996) my health would be restored, including my eyes.

There was more involved, apart from my eyes, but it’s hard to put it in words. Let’s say that I restored what was out of balance, in some way…. missing or slumbering.

A next challenge was my friends and family warning me that I risked going blind when I didn’t visit an eye-doctor. Out of  curiosity I visited an antroposophic doctor, who offered me a little bottle with drops, to sooth the burning sensation in my eyes. I remember the sensation of  putting a drop from that bottle into my eyes and how my whole brain reacted to it. It shows how sensitive that part of my body was, during this process.          The drops didn’t make any difference, nothing physical was visible as a sign of danger, except the redness of my eyes. I guess I’m blessed with the wisdom to trust my body and intuition.

My usual response, to those who were concerned with my eye-condition, was “Everything will be alright, don’t worry, be happy”. Once you say “YES” to life, life begins to nurture and support you in surprising ways, though it’s life’s natural course to do it anyway. It’s an experience I’ve lived and am still living.


Marian 05-2016 (13)

Afterwards, oh yes indeed, springtime 1996 was the time of complete recovery, my eyes had no need for any protection,  no sunglasses either. I’m wearing glasses to support my sight. See what happens when you put your sunglasses away, unless you’re driving a car at an hour with the sun low near the horizon. Never risk bumper bumping and accidents of course.

Without exception the Sun is showering us with light. And light is energy and information both. Being rich or poor doesn’t make a difference. We’re the conductors of life’s orchestra as well as the musicians, as I see it. We’re insiders and observers both, in our lives and we can begin to use that to our advantage and become who we’ve been waiting for. And I myself choose to be the change I long to see and make manifest before my healthy eyes.

To me, Awakening isn’t a one moment breakthrough of awareness. Isn’t the flowering of a tree a gradual process, a joy to witness for our eyes? As I perceive it, Awakening is a process of evolution in the organization of our human affairs in our physical world and conditions of living as much as it’s happening, potentially, in the affairs of our mind-set and consciousness, also our discernment, decisions and choices to act upon them.

If it’s true that truth is in our inner world in company of our individual definition of reality, our chosen curriculum, living that truth is determined by that same inner world as well. To me, that’s the essence of embodiment, bridging the world of ideas, our soul purpose and our planetary 3D experiences, so that discernment is possible which is leading to Human Awakening as well as to Awareness of what it is that causes it, a chance to look at the nuts and bolts  of that process. Which, to me, is a treasure box of tools to take with us on our path to again another unfamiliar world, a new existence in a Golden Age, a New Earth, choose your own preferred name.

In that stance, there’s no need for an external savior, no need for Cosmic Dependency. Human Awakening is happening now, as I perceive it. It’s a delicate process in the use of our will, to find what it is that we call valuable in the making of our choice, in our way of looking at what manifests in our life and our judgments, our definitions and actions.

As I perceive it, humanity is coming off its knees now, in the end of the second decennium in the 21st century, realizing that it has a voice and can use its voice to make manifest what’s serving life in all nooks and crannies of its existence, its organization of a civilization that serves life and the well-being of all sentient beings. This time on planet Earth, which, to me, is the fulfillment of many prophecies that were left in words and symbols, in stone or clay, on tree-bark, deerskin and in the dead see scrolls.

The risk of presenting Awakening as a one moment FLASH, similar to miraculous eye -openers for those who lived as saints afterwards, is that it creates expectations and passive waiting in those that wait for a saviour, or a saving grace. That’s what I understand is causing people to feel impatient and angry, finding no evidence of their, to me, false hopes and unhelpful expectations. It makes one live in the future and leave the present moment, that doesn’t work.

For me, it works much better to live through my days and be the change I love to see happen in the world outside of me. And to find clarity about it, in my choices and actions. No need of a vision or miracle to live up to or wait for. If such a thing happens, well, than it happens. We can ask for guidance, there’s help and support always. It’s wise to take these words at heart, literally “Ask and you shall be given”.

All that is projected on the moment of Awakening, can be actually lived, in full action of taking part in daily life, in being part of a community, a nation, each moment of our life. I’m aware of growing through a change of perception, after visiting websites with spiritual views on the meaning of Awakening. I’m done now, with internet study on this subject.

In essence, what I’m saying here is all about letting go of restrictions, control and expectations, a compassionate eye for our quirks, ruts and whirring windmills in our mind, opening our heart, realizing love. In our NOW. In all of our NOWS at the same time, like the flow of a forest stream, gurgling over rocks. The stream is created by billions of water – drops, each of them contributes to the physical watery reality of the stream.

In that way we are the creators of Awakening each moment in our life. It’s much closer to HOME where the HEART is. It feels like an organic procedure, balanced and least unsettling. It’s a choice I made, these last months. Therefore I’ve become my path and way-showers along that path both.

May you find blessings and warm rays of the Sun on your path. Devon Sea Moor.



“If you are awake, right now, you can be aware of the awareness whereby you are awake. And in that singularity of consciousness as Soren (Kierkegard) has said, the total number of minds in the Universe is one. That is, it is a singularity. We all trap it, we capture and trap it in our egos, in our bodies and our cells. But in reality the nature of the conscious mind is that it’s omnipresent, infinite. All the time, whether you acknowledge it or not. But there are protocols in practices and meditation that you can do, that put you in touch with that expanded infinite aspect. And from there begin to operate, whether it is in a lucid dream or whether it is out under the stars, with a team of close encounters of the fifth kind, folks”.

Dr. Steven Greer.


  Copyright THeARTofCARE


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Devon SeaMoor

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2 thoughts on “The Flowering of Human Consciousness”

  1. This will require rereading that I may absorb its truth.. but absorb is quite adequate a comparison here: When a potted plant is parched, that first good drink will spill over unless a clay dish with curved edges is beneath to catch it all.

    Mighty visual, but I still hear the dreaded sirens of the metaphor police.

    I’m ramping up, too: Lots of us are being tapped to make note of the quickening, our connection to the beautiful light matrix and, in this exhilarating sensation after such a long siege of dread for many of us, the relief is immense.

    Plenty of us are shy about what amounts to profound psychic ability coupled with thin regard for those who traffic in the lexicon of ascension. I think it’s past special terms: the damnable – and yet giggle-worthy – phrase, “Before I was enlightened…” serves to give me impetus to exit all kinds of things: dialog, Facebook groups and even high tea itself if there is no other way.

    This may read surlier than it’s intended. Somehow I think you’ll know where the different lines are. Gosh I’m glad I found your writing.


    1. Thank you, Brett. I’m glad you found my writing helpful or inspiring. It’s hard for me to follow your words, difficult words to me often. It sounds you feel better when walking barefoot in the wilderness, without whirring windmills of your mind, distracting you from grounding. Just a hunch.


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