Change is in the air, springtime 2018!

Stories of the moon, earth and sun illustrations Marian 1999 (6)

Febr. 14 2018 Change is “on air” is it not?

Make it your choice to live through the changes and move with them, like the practice of tai chi, using the energy to your advantage without a need to win or lose and take practical, emotional and mental steps. Exercises for strength, similar to condition-training for the body. Healthy self-discipline stems from honoring one’s well-being and not a form of punishment, a judgmental attitude toward one’s attitude and behavior.  Compassion and creativity are the fertilizers for growing on all levels, harvesting beautiful fruit.

Fruity bike

Once a choice is made, by yourself, coming back to it is key, contemplating the daily life reality in sync with that choice, or if there’s a need for adjustment or a new choice. The good thing about choices is that each moment a new choice can be made when the old one doesn’t work. It’s a great way of knowing oneself, for motive and drive reveal themselves in that contemplation, as I experience in my own life.

It’s far easier to be responsible for yourself when you make everything you do a choice. Yours. You will be surprised how much change for the better shows up in your life, that way. That’s what I call an inner pole-shift. From submission to self-empowerment in manifestation. We will all look in wonder at what’s ahead of us when we accept life as a gift and celebration. For what we visualize and envision will show up as our reality, in the company of our attention. Be it for better or for worse.               

Choose for yourself, don’t you think? Someone else can’t do it for you. Unless you lose your sovereignty. Examples of that state of being are numerous in our present time. We need to wean ourselves off that old paradigm of ruling power and money, the greediness in consumer-lifestyle. There’s much more to life than what meets the eye. Planet Earth has moved into another realm already, happy to see us following her in her wise moves. Changes may cause anxiety, but let it not determine your choice. No acting on impulse.

Artistic aqua Marian

In the context of a transition to a new reality, a new way of living if you will, the freedom of choice and respect for the free will is possible when moral standards and ethics are serving life and well-being of all. FREE will is what one could take literally as FREEDOM of expression and not a boundless selfish lifestyle. As I perceive it, the latter is an expression of imprisonment by one’s own addiction or system that overrules one’s individual sovereignty.


Hating the devil is serving the devil, for hatred feeds on hatred. It knows no other way. When God and the Devil are viewed as beings separate from us, human beings, we’re using them as a projection screen and blame them for all the suffering in our lives. That’s the essence of giving your power away and it’s a mind-program created by religious church institutes of all shades between black and white, enforcing submission to God or the Devil.

For some people, the roles of God and Devil have switched and not always intentionally. Many lives are lived in self-hatred due to misunderstanding, confusion, fatigue and loneliness. That’s not our fate or destiny and certainly, nothing of the future is written in stone. No authority outside of us can and has the right to prescribe the path to our destiny, for we’re meant to choose that from within as human beings, each in its unique expression, authentic.

Dragon-fish fire-water element

Acknowledging the godlike and devilish sides within ourselves creates a rift through that mind-programming and in that process we arrive at the door of choice. In freedom, after experiencing a long long time living in duality consciousness, labeling. Separation. It’s this… or that. What if it’s both? When we can finally stand it to acknowledge both sides of one hand, we fall through the bottom, witnessing the illusion of it all.

Inclusiveness as respect for all expressions of life and compassion isn’t the same as condoning actions and results of free will expressions. Nor is it helpful to judge oneself for the wrongdoing in our lives. Once we’ve found the ability to observe ourselves and come to know ourselves more and once we’ve welcomed truth as a friend, in our lives, we’re re-educating ourselves and move toward the graduation of humanity, removing the veil. Those qualities are an important part of finding discernment, realizing love.


Blessed be…


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