My second name Baghor is my  artist’s name. I’m living in the UK, in a rural area of a druid county. Enjoying life close to nature, walking and exploring the countryside, creating works of art and stories, writing a book in fits and starts, now slowly seeing a storyline appearing. I’m joining projects that aim to develop sustainable ways of living, on the land, living off the land by growing vegetables and fruit, a bit of hedge making.

I strongly support co-operative ways of farming and will volunteer in small size initiatives. I feel the urge to return to a lifestyle in sync with planet Earth’s nature and her unconditional love. Gaia is our source of life and she nurtures our physical body as our earthly mother. She’s awakening to a whole new state of being with humanity in tow.

I’m in a good place, as a Capricorn, born in Jan 1st. Rejuvenation and strength increase at a later age in my life. It’s one of the most liberating experiences to move from resistance to surrender and see the world with changed eyes. Transformation, I’ve discovered, is one of my strengths. It serves me well in my move overseas, leaving Holland, finding the red earth of Devon, for me it’s the best spot on the planet to grow new roots and shoots.

Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

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