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I’m living in the UK, in a rural area of a druid county, enjoying life close to nature, walking and exploring the countryside, creating works of art and stories, planning to start writing my book when winter arrives. I’m now living without a garden, but there’s lots of opportunities to work on organic farms and to help out in gardens of friends.

This quote is closest to my purpose in life: “I’m not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what Light I have”        Abraham Lincoln.

To the extent I am capable, I support community-thriving and co-operative ways of farming and I will volunteer in small size initiatives. Recently I’ve discovered a beautiful valley, with a smallholding. I prefer a way of living in sync with planet Earth’s nature and her unconditional love. Gaia is our source of life and she nurtures our physical body. She’s awakening to a whole new state of being, as I perceive it, with humanity in tow.

I’m in a good place, as a Capricorn, born in Jan 1st. Rejuvenation and strength increase at a later age in my life. It’s one of the most liberating experiences to move from resistance to surrender and see the world with changed eyes. Transformation, I’ve discovered, is one of my strengths. It serves me well in my move overseas, leaving Holland, finding the red earth of Devon. For me it’s the best spot on the planet to grow new roots and shoots.

It’s even written in the stars.. so to speak. The Sun in the UK national chart and my Sun are in the exact same degree of Capricorn ( the UK is a Capricorn country) – they are within 0,35 degrees of each other, out of 360 degrees of the circle. The line of good fortune, joy, abundance and happiness in relation to home, runs straight through Eastern Devon. Isn’t that a beautiful synchronicity? For about 15 years I’ve felt drawn to Devon, each 31st of May I stepped on the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich and traveled straight to Totnes.

As a nutritionist and energy-worker, I’m combining the presence of physical form and the non-physical energy-bodies that are the blueprints of our physical body, the etheric body is holding the life force energy in order to maintain the physical form. I’m learning to build bridges between the 2, discerning emotional – and health – issues in that way.

And not in the least, I’m learning to use this mix in bringing my heaven on planet earth in my way, embodying my soul in this time, end of the second decennium in the 21st century. To me, that’s the bridge building all of humanity is invited to participate in, at this time. It is a choice, as it should be.

The most fortunate timing to create is in our present moment, as I perceive it. Each moment offers a new choice, a choice not restricted to form and matter. To me, that’s the meaning of free will, the key to creating our reality.  The present chaos is a necessary process towards a change that will  bring an end to the Old World of suffering and delusion, reviving our original blueprint, our true nature and role on planet Earth.

Blessed be, Devon Sea Moor.      

Email: devonseamoor@gmail.com  Mob. phone 0031(0)681342886                                          My phone is seldom “on air” Emailing or texting works best, thank you kindly!    

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMFTSiTZ3LXktjvX8K_rCCw