Some views and thoughts about ancestors, future comrades and messengers, in realms of spirit and planet Earth

 This page is created for those of you who are interested in ancestors and wayshowers of the future, possible future comrades existing outside of planet Earth or inside the planet. We’re creating our future with wayshowers and visionaires living among us too. No evidence is given here, by me, of actual existence of ET-races and intra-terrestrial species. It’s best to use common sense and a healthy discernment.

I prefer to be open minded and exploring, preferably learning by real life experiences with real people and living beings of all kinds. This is a page offering food for thought and I’d like to leave you to it, how to deal with it, in scepticism, aroused interest, or denial.

My intention is, to offer information that I’ve looked into and perceive as genuine and trustworthy, as far as it’s possible to discern and sounds true.

I myself haven’t seen any real life presence of those phenomena and I don’t choose to deliberately meet ET’s or look for them. Life is already interesting as it is, without them, for me. I do feel (and I share this admiral’s approach to the subject) that there’s something present in our midst that needs investigation and exploring, regarding extraterrestrial lifeforms and their technology. In one of president Eisenhower’s speeches, he refers to certain powers of non-human origin.

We may discover in the coming years, that we’re not alone on planet Earth. Or in our Galaxy and that trailblazers like dr. Stephen Greer, Stephen Basset, Bob Dean and Lord Admiral Peter Hill-Norton are in the frontline of wayshowers, with other comrades right behind them, stepping to the front later, possibly, so that the people of planet Earth are prepared to meet our space family or ancestors. Who knows?

We may find that THEY are US coming back to see how we’ve been doing so far, fighting in the sandbox, hitting each other on the head with the shovel, angry for destroying our sandcastle. One of the ways to grow up and start building for real, is informing yourself about who you are truly. To me, this seems to be a mix of experiential and knowledge-based exploration, finding what works for us and what doesn’t. For each of us there’s a unique perspective on what is true or not. In that light I invite you to delve into what’s been offered in the links here. Or to leave it alone.

The idea of a University originally was to come to know our place in the Universe.” Lord Admiral Peter Hill-Norton

Nov. 21,  2015

Dr. Stephen Greer in – How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose – HD

Febr. 10  2015

Ret. Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean (01-17-01) The Next Millennium:

An End or a Beginning

For those of you interested in a Solar weather-forecast and spaceweather in general, earthquake watch, solar activity watch and more, here are 3 links:                                                                                                                                               

My view on the nature of Lucifer, the world of imagination in art, virtual worlds and daydreaming as opposed to the Ahrimanic forces of artificial intelligence and the material world of money machine and robotic function.                                                                                                                                                                            You know what I think about the victory over the deceptive dark matrix? I truly believe that the source of life and evolution of free expressions in life will always outsmart the source of artificial and imagined life. By its very nature of being alive in freedom without trying to influence anything or any living being and its expression of life. That darkness birthing source, the deceptive matrix, is a reaction to the spark of life, trying to make it dimmer and replace it with an illusionary light that shines like neon-light and Swarovski crystals, cold.


I believe that Lucifer, who seems to have been the Creator’s best buddy, according to esoteric texts, asked his best buddy if he could design or proclaim his own creation, see what would happen, the Lucifer experiment, called by that name in large old dusty books. Maybe this involved the 3D condition.

There may have been some sort of “alien” consciousness present in this, an invasion of some sort, and an awe for what Lucifer’s best buddy created, sparking a desire to equal such an achievement and play with The Force, enjoy the adventure of going into the unknown territory of limitless possibilities.

Of course Lucifer was free to do this, for to me, free will is ruling in all nooks and corners of the Creators Light realms, in the heavens and on planet Earth. As principle, not necessarily practiced.

The Creator may have foreseen what would come of this, there may have been an interest in what would come of this Luciferian creation. Proper sparring with life and experience its endless facets isn’t possible without polarisation and a challenge, at least on planet Earth in the 3rd dimension. With the feminine and masculine energies separated in women and men.

The concept of Lucifer is much pondered upon by Rudolph Steiner in his visions and books. His legacy, the antroposophy, calls the illusionary aspects of life Luciferian and the material, mind-activity aspects of life Ahrimanic. The first is the world of imagination, art, illusion and mirage.

The second is the world of cold mind-calculation, ratio, machines and creations with artificial intelligence as a product of it and possibly in a ruling role over human beings.        I guess the Archons are in the world of Ahriman, just like Saruman came under the influence of Sauron in The Lord of the Ring. Antroposophy isn’t trying to destroy Ahriman, it’s working towards balancing these two forces in life, allowing them their proper time and space.

For example, the world of physical form, human body and robot-machine is accompanied by our minds and imagination, by our practical thinking and our fantasies, our dealing with physical form in real life and our use of the senses, smell, touch, taste, hearing and seeing. We can use these senses in the 3D world as much as in the 4D world, where we can fantasy and tell ourselves that they’re true.

Lucifer started to create what he felt was an adventurous experiment, but is an abomination of life in that it caused the Light growing dim of the true spark of life, where intelligence and wisdom are in harmony. Like the two fishes of Yin and Yang, reflecting each other’s opposite in the eyes.

I’m moving away too far from what I meant to present of my thoughts about the victory over the deceptive dark matrix, so I’ll return to the subject now.

The essence of what I try to describe and clarify is, my view on the nature of the dark and light forces, is that in the presence of freedom and light, with the embodiment of Yang and Yin, fullness and emptiness, light and dark, no illusionary world can sustain itself when it intends to move away from the practice of that balance, the acceptance of light and dark both, within and without.

It’s where the illusionary world pretends to deny the presence of reality, of what is key in practical matters of life, the half of the Yin-Yang symbol pretending the other half isn’t there, that it’s beginning to lose its power and reign.

Living a lie and believing in an illusionary world always comes to an end. Keeping up appearances is fun as a game, it’s what keeps us intrigued as an audience in a theatre with actors and props on stage. That intrigue looses its quality when the boundary between our sense of reality and our imagination becomes blurred and our life shows us this mirror, causing shock and terror within. Plus the urge to increase our control in order to add more props on the stage of our life. How lost we may feel when the foundation we stand on is made of thin air, of false glitter and not stardust.

It can’t stand the presence of truth when it’s a deliberate agenda to harm and control life and when programs of mirage and secrecy cover up evil, it won’t stand the presence of truth and it can’t withstand the transforming force of love. To me it’s a law of life no being can escape from. We’re at this moment in time subject to the force of love, but still, an invitation to make a choice. May it be a choice to serve life, live in freedom and picking up our role as creators.


March 22nd 2017
How do we create our reality in life’s name?
Think about it, ponder this for a while:
When I begin to notice that an instinctual reaction pushes me in the direction of acting it out, with the help of my mind in turmoil, I stop and observe this inner acrobatics, this wild trapeze flying without a safety net. In that moment I am separating my feelings from my choice of action.
The great benefit from doing this, is that I’m breaking the spell of repetition, the dramatic
rollercoaster of being upset, angry, rebellious and…. at the same time breaking the spell of projecting it on others, causing others to feel offended and move into resistence, with me on the other side of the phone or in person with me, ignoring my choice to make an effort and find a solution to the problem, return to a state of ease in myself and restore a workable communication style that leaves us with a sense of completion.
For example when my fury is sparked by the injustice of the tax-system, the penny-factory that has become almost unworkable in its medieval system of archiving and automated responses along the digital highway and I move into rebellion and anger, making a phone call to the call center of this tax-system and I project my anger on a nitwit of a government employee, making sarcastic remarks on its behalf and the whole quagmire of regulations in this disfunctional system, I am at that very moment, with all this angry labeling, my flames of fury, creating my reality and the continuation of it in the same mode. A perpetual mobile.
Separating my emotional instinctual reactions from my coice of action is an act of freedom, of a new creation.Which is mirrored by the world around me, due to that choice of mine. Besides, that same choice of conduct offers me simultaneously an insight in the sources of my feelings, for I’ve given myself a chance to observe them instead of being ruled by them.
One of these sources is my being a creature of habit and my forgetfulness about the fact that habits are choices, at least the first expression of what became a habit later, is a choice.
Another source is a conclusion that has fixed itself firmly in my mind, as if it’s a law to be lived by. That conclusion may stem from a long ago past, related to circumstances far different from the ones present in the moment I am now. A different world.
Often these conclusions, rooted in our past, are coloured by emotions that rose from a deeply traumatic event, leaving an emotional wound and scar, even causing an aspect of our soul to become separated, becoming an imprisoned part of us that can’t participate in our creations and expressions in life. The spirit being of a human being can be asleep.
Another source is a seed-fear that observes everything in the light of doubt and anxiety, in a fearful state, shining that light on every detail that confirms that doubt and anxiety. Another loop! Another prison that holds our spirit on the ground with clipped wings.
For us human beings it means that our hands are bound and our eyes are veiled.
By our own assumptions and paradigms. I believe that the collective veil placed over humanity’s eyes later, originates from the veil that humanity placed on its eyes,
in acceptance of living conditions that show up in pairs, good and bad, dark and light.
I may be wrong and the other way around is the true story. It seems to be a dilemma,
somewhat akin to the question “What comes first, the egg or the chicken?
The actions and manifestations that we so deeply long for and expect to see present in our world, the fulfillment of love and feeling connected, are until this day mainly desparate notes, prayers and commands that leave our mouths in vain, in screams and whispers, without finding true  fulfillment and lasting peace.We can invent “look alikes” though.
For a very long time, I feel we’ve ignored the tool inside that waits for us to be acknowledged and used and that’s the tool of mastery, our becoming masters in the center of our lives, captains on the boat in our life’s ocean and surrender to the freedom of our creations and expressions.
To me, it’s the secret space in our hearts that holds love in the center as the ruling force of creation, accompanied by wisdom, discernment and all qualities our soul holds inside.


I now quote from the book “Spell of the Sensuous”  and will introduce you to the writer David Abram, who inspired me to become more connected to my physical body and senses. I can fully relate to his view on the senses:

“David Abram is a sleight of hand magician who studied with shamans and indigenous magicians in Indonesia, Nepal and the Americas”.

On the backcover of the book, he writes:

“For a thousand generations, human beings viewed themselves as part of the wider community of nature and they carried on active relationships not only with other people, but with other animals, plants, and natural objects including mountains, rivers, winds and weather patterns, that we have only lately come to think of as “inanimate”. How then, did humans come to sever their ancient reciprocity with the natural world?” What will it take for us to recover a sustaining relation with the breathing Earth?”

And on page 186 he gives us the words of Hehaka Sapa, or Black Elk  of the Oglala Sioux:

“Everything the Power of the World does, is done in a circle…… The Wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same and both are round…. Even the seasons from a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood and so it is in everything where powers moves…….”

I find Black Elk’s words awesome, it’s visible in life as my eyes witness it and it speaks directly to my heart! Below is my illustration of such a circle. Or rather cycle:

Illustratie 13 Gal.Tonen Marian van der Veen