Images as inspirations and memories.

Merlin initiation
Merlin, the archetype of Earth-nature’s laws and a          mysterious presence in the stories of King Arthur’s early life and kingship.


Danny Kaye in Jester's king (7)
Danny Kaye,  in “The King’s Jester” one of my top 10 movies


Dragon-fish fire-water element
An original yin-yang symbol representing water and fire











Dopey, one of the 7 dwarfs, in the hall of my home, welcoming kind guests



Marian 1982 (1)
Marian 1978, studying at the Academy of Art in Arnhem
Fire and water
Water and fire, expressed in an harmonious union
This quote is a comfort in trying times of my life and a symbol of transformation: the journey into the unknown.
Marian 2012, ready for the start of a great adventure.
A stone in a Spanish field, turned into a jewel by the light of a bright hot summer day in June 2014
The lovable and wise Yoda, a character in the movie Star Wars


1976 Glamour on bike
Marian, ready to ride an old BMW… those were the  glamorous years of the early 70’s   






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