Maya-wisdom and Tzolkin-tools

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Here’s a presentation of my work, which are translations and expressions of the Dreamspell Maya wisdom: The Tzolkintoy (visible in the picture above):

My introduction to Maya wisdom was during a lecture and workshop in 1997, presented by Vera de Groot. As a co-worker in the 13 Moon-calendar Dreamspell game, witnessing changes happening in our solar system and the impact of i that process in our lives, speciallly since Dec. 21 2012, I offer you information about the Tzolkintoy, a design of my  heart and hands, crafted with much patience, printed in 1997, by a kind and skillful Jewish man who delivered 200 calendars to me. He was intrigued and thrilled for having produced such an unusual work of art and a tool to grasp and follow the Dreamspell Tzolkin cycle.

The perpetual Tzolkintoy – calendar is a transparent colorful tool, created for you to enjoy and understand the Tzolkin cycle of 260 Kin (or days). This toy and tool is based on cycles in a way that it has perpetual validity. The transparency of the calendar gives unexpected bright color-combinations and patterns and enables clear reading of the Kin of the day. Also it offers a way of comprehending the holographic layers in the Tzolkin. For that you will have to study the Maya wisdom to some extent. 

The Tzolkin base, a design by Tjitse Boersma, can assist you in finding meaning for you, related to your date of birth. In the link below you will find access to his work and your registration, with regular updates of this tool, presented as an Excell database.

 The Tzolkintoy calendar contains 7 transparent, colorful sheets, circular in form (12 inch diameter) each representing the cycles of: 

 -13 Galactic Tones (dots and lines creating 13 tones/numbers x 20 = 260 kin)

– 20 Solar Seals (the faces of creation in the right order of red, white, blue and yellow)

– 20 Wavespells (13 kin each x 20 = 260 kin)

– 5 Castles (52 kin each in the right order of red, white, blue, yellow and green)

– 4 Seasons (65 kin each in the right order of red, white, blue and yellow)

– The 260 kin cycle with Maya-names in text.                                                                 

– The 7th sheet shows a green arrow for the daily reading and the words “Time is Art”

These profound 3 words “Time is Art” are an invitation to you, to make use of your time in a creative way and not as a control or ruler over your mind, work and life. The outer 2 sheets are less flexible and will keep the Tzolkintoy in shape, when hung in the window with a rope through the center, just like shown in the picture here, so that you can turn the sheets and read the layers of the Tzolkin cycle.  All sheets turn with the motion of the clock, when setting the date and reading the  levels of the Tzolkin cycle, represented by the 7 layers, the 7 sheets, of the Tzolkintoy. 

The Tzolkintoy is in production and use since 1997. An instruction-manual, props for construction and an explanation of how to use it, are included. The price of the calendar is 25 euro (30 euro including postal costs) If you prefer me to construct the Tzolkintoy for you, I will ask an extra 10 euro for that, which makes a total of 40 euro, when sent by post.  For those of you living abroad, the price depends on where your posting address is on the planet. Or on the moon perhaps? I will send it to you in a rocket,. but you’ve got to pay for the fuel! And who knows an extra on moontaxes. Just joking.

For your inquiries about an order, or for information, please contact me by email

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My 13 illustrations representing the Galactic Tones of the Tzolkin are here:

Illustratie 13 Gal.Tonen Marian van der Veen

These 13 illustrations, created by me as the 13 Galactic Tones of the Tzolkin cycle, the Maya wisdom I’ve studied, are a display of Nature’s Elements showing the growth of an apple.  All 13 cards have an explanation on the back.    See how (1)the Sun FIRE gives warmth and light and the  (2)Moon and Stars with the (3)Rainbow in sun and rain WATER. See how through (4)winter-time, in snow on naked branches, the (5)budding of leaves begins when spring arrives, the (6)unfolding leaves and (7)blossom, the visit of a bee on the 8th card, the essence of integrity, an essential part of fruition. See the (9) development of the apples on the tree, the (10)ripening of the apple, the (11) fall of the fruit with help of the wind AIR, the first (12)bite of the ripe apple, the joyful celebration of completion. And now see the (13) core of the apple with seeds falling on the EARTH. A return to source, a completion of a life-circle and an example of an everlasting journey of LIFE.

You may ask “How many seeds are in the apple?” and you may ask “How many apples are in a seed?

I’ve found a similarity between nature processes and natural time: movement in cycles, which in itself moves in spiraling cycles. You will see them expressed in these 13 cards, showing the fruition of an apple on a tree. It is my wish to support the understanding of Mayan wisdom and timekeeping and to inspire play-time, which is natural time or “flow”.     

The cycle of life knows no beginning and end. Nor does the cycle of time. Time is a fluid phenomenon, fluid by nature, moving in spiralling ways, science is finding evidence of it, gradually. What’s in this expression “What goes around, comes around?”

The price of the 13 cards set is 25 euro (costs of posting included) or the equivalent of it in other currencies. Please contact me through my email address, which is in the section on the Tzolkintoy, above here. Please, contact me first with details of your order and possibly mention certain conditions or other details. Don’t send payments in advance.

Thank you!

Celtic and Mayan Dreamspell Cross

The 52 Kin Castle with 4 Wavespells of each 13 Kin with Celtic line patterns added by me. The drawing is part of the Dreamspell illustrations, all drawn in ink by hand and print-copied when ordered. During the creation of ink-drawings, I worked on this Dreamspell Cross, a design in the Dreamspell box by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles. This drawing represents a 52 Kin Castle, divided in 4 Wavespells of each 13 Kin.

At some point I felt the need for a Celtic and feminine touchand I began to connect the even and uneven numbers of each Wavespell. The decoration isn’t only meant to break the angular design of the Dreamspell cross, it’s a functional tool as well. For that to understand, the Dreamspell text is useful on page 48.

For lo and behold…. a peculiar synchronicity happened. Only after applying this Celtic geometrical pattern, I worked on the translation of the textbook and found on page 48 the explanation of the Pulsar Code, which resonates exactly with the line-forms added by me  to the wavespells in the drawing. This was a magical procedure, I first created them and later found out it did refer exactly to this Pulsar code. All the time during my work on these tools, synchronicities happened. Little nudges of confirmation, which was a great support in pursuing the task at hand.

4th  dimension pulsar: dimension of time            : tones 1 – 5 – 9 – 13

1st  dimension pulsar: dimension of life                : tones 2 – 6 – 10

2nd dimension pulsar: dimension of the senses  : tones 3 – 7 – 11

3rd dimension pulsar: dimension of the mind     : tones 4 -8 – 12

For the Dutch translation of the Dreamspell, written by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles in English, end of the ’80’s, please let me know and I will send it by email. It’s free of costs. The illustrations, part of the Original Dreamspell book by Jose and Lloydine, created by me in ink drawings, are print-produced and sent on request for 15 euro. These drawings are essential in order to understand and  practice working with the Dreamspell instructions in the book. I can only provide the Dutch Dreamspell.

Part of the book offers an Earth history as revealed to Jose Arguelles through contact with his galactic ancestors. Jose Arguelles’ father discovered the tomb of Pacal Votan and he was one of the first, as a young kid, to enter that tomb at the site of Palenque.

Back to the Dreamspell material: You will need to color the drawings yourself (I made them in black and white) In this way you will find a merging of mental and creative abilities within you, a simple and useful way to grasp the motion of cycles and their meaning, in a natural way and an excersize for left and right brain both.

The Tzolkintoy  is very useful for comprehension of the Tzolkin cycle, it shows all pictorial elements of the Tzolkin cylce, of which all the parts and their meaning are described and explained in the Dutch Dreamspell text.

For further exploring of the Tzolkin cycle and natural time, go here:

Wishing you Happy Moons, exploring Maya wisdom and finding your own !

The Journey of Awakening has begun, Dec. 21 2012 was the date that time ended. Time ended as we’ve known it. This was a milestone, the alignment with Galactic Center and coming full circle towards completion on many levels and  the beginning of a process of rebirth for humanity. For the return to our truth and innocense, we need to let go of the windmills of our mind, in fixation on the same wind, a controlled outcome.

If you search “Healing the luminous body by Alberto Villoldo” on YouTube, you’ll find a valuable presentation of over an hour. Alberto Villoldo is a medicine man who embodied what he learnt and practiced and who began to teach shamanism as a natural result of it. With humor! Welcoming our connection with nature, wildness, impermanence and fluidity of presence, while firmly grounded on planet Earth, fully present in our physical body.       As above, so below….. as within, so without.

IN LAKE’CH Devon Sea Moor  

Lamat 13  YELLOW CO(S)MIC STAR  KIN 208