On the move… and more.. to the Moors.

It’s almost Xmas now and soon I’ll move again, nearby or on Dartmoor.         You can contact me by email  address: oranda2014@outlook.com  My mobile number is 0031(0)681342886 Contact me initially by sms please, so that I will find your request for a call. I don’t wear my phone on my body and I might not notice your call.

The present address is “Dean Thatch” 44 Dean Street EX17  3EW Crediton Devon UK. Here are a few impressions of Dartmoor, summer/autumn 2016:


A view on Horrabridge Dartmoor


The area of Whistman’s Wood on Dartmoor


The area of Whistman’s Wood on Dartmoor


Next year 2017 I might live near the area with the cross in the picture

A few impressions of my 1st location in the UK:Titlands Lane 05-2016 (3).jpg                                                               The picture above is a springtime view to the North on the village valley from a lane. The picture below is the little wood, with lots of wild garlic, where I took Oswald often with me, a neighbour’s dog, living in a village near Wells.



The Wells Bishop’s Palace cat on his high seat. I’ve worked as a volunteer in the community garden of the Palace and I felt a bit sad, leaving that place.

Saved green bird 06-2016

This little lovely green bird flew against my window and sat dazed and concussed for 20 minutes on my terrace. I watched it from a safe distance and had to encourage it to make a move, when it found its bearings again.                  

It looked at me sideways with a bright eye, moved its wings and…. off it went on its green wings, steady. I felt so relieved, after hearing 2 small birds fly against my window to their death, holding them in my hands  until they lay silent. It’s a mystery to me, how small birds, with their fragile structure of bones in air and feathers are able to fly.

It’s good to live in the UK and wonderful to live in mystery, it’s why I live on Dartmoor. See how it looks like:Neighbourhood Horrabridge 07-2016 (2)

Neighbourhood Horrabridge 07-2016 (3)

Neighbourhood Horrabridge 07-2016 (4)

Neighbourhood Horrabridge 07-2016 (6)

Neighbourhood Horrabridge 07-2016 (7)

Neighbourhood Horrabridge 07-2016 (8)

Canal near Tavistock 07-2016 (2).jpg

This is a canal in Tavistock, where boats were towed by horses,                            transporting ingots of tin, timber, copper, lime and stones.

Garden near Buckland Abbey 08-2016 (1).jpg

A beautiful choice of flowers against a South facing stonewall                                of a Victorian garden.