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The year 2010 a year of awakening:

On my birthday, the first of January 2010, just like that, or so it seems, out of the deepest blue, I exclaimed “From now on, I will come out of the closet with all that is in me and I will show all of my faces and all of my masks”.

1953   marian-1953


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    marian-12-2013-15       marian-01-2011    marian-05-2015  Marian 07-2016 (5) BelleverTor 11-2016 (1).jpg 11-2016

Well, good heavens! that’s been a wild ride for sure,  not knowing what inner earthquakes this prophecy to myself, manifesting itself in my reality in the years to follow, would cause. Now that we’re arrived in 2016, I’ve learned a bit of what that prophecy  was about and what it still holds, at present, in its folds. My life has changed for the better, I’ve come closer in receiving truth as a friend.  The truth of my nature and a deeper connection to nature, so that love may flow through me and sustain me while living life to the fullest, learning to accept my shadow and shine my light, receiving the shine and love offered by those around me as well. The time of the lone wolf is over.

My YouTube channel is called marian baghor – slideshows of pictures mainly, with impressions of Holland and England’s cities, villages and countryside. Plus a few videos with my views on the issue of privacy protection against control and spying on the world-population’s whereabouts and behaviour, while using digital gadgets.

I mean the control and spying, by means of tracking and visual access through those gadgets, spying on the whereabouts and communications of its owners, the topic of security, safety and transparency in the virtual world. The Edward Snowden Treaty is related to this subject and published by me, in one of the videos, illustrated with self made images.

My SoundCloud name is Victoria Baghor – you’ll find my voice-readings of Alice in Wonderland and  English children’s stories, with adventures of animals and humorous examples of their behaviour, clearly reflecting our human behaviour and quirks.        


The following images are showing what my interests are in life: Merlin initiation                                  Merlin, to me, is the teacher of nature’s laws, the mystery of spirit’s presence in physical form and the needle of our compass in life, pointing at choices of direction with the quality of compassion. Also it’s about the merging of wisdom and heart.     Our spirit being is infinitely wiser and smarter than what our mind likes to tell us.

Danny Kaye in Jester's king (7)                                         Danny Kaye in “The King’s Jester” overthrowing the “powers that be” in a most ego-damaging and hilarious way. Danny shows great agility and wit, in appearance, voice and acting the fool. He’s one of my favorite actors, for I’m a bit of a jester too, though lighthearted, usually.A walk in the Mendip Hills 07-2015 (3).jpgA walk in the Mendip Hills Somerset UK, look for the tiny tower on Glastonbury’s Tor on the horizon and the tiny wanderers in the field. It’s where I lived the first year of my new life in the UK.

Oswald 11-2015                                                                                           Oswald, a gentle dog who accompanied me on many Wednesday walks.

Examples of my pictures of nature, in Holland and the UK:Strabrechtse heide Heeze- Geldrop 09-2013 (5).jpg

Reedfields Holland.JPG

The Dutch beach and dunes near Scheveningen
Autumn leaves nearby my Dutch home, with a beauty of their own
A walk from Alfriston along the river, arriving at sea, with the “Seven Sisters” on the East coast of the UK in Sussex. One of the most beautiful walks I’ve enjoyed.
The “Seven Sisters”here visible in the picture. Suddenly I arrived here, without knowing my detination and I slept on the pebbles. Here are the seven white cliffs of chalk, millions of years have passed while slowly this formation was build up, layer after layer. Due to the lowering of the sea level, this part has now turned into a coast, formed by tiny sealife creatures. Awesome, when you think of it.

Memories of Holland

The video below is about a succesful project of a man with great patience, proving that we’ve got sufficient opportunities to grow food on the planet, applying the work we find  worth doing, for our hands and hearts, to secure well being and a comfortable lifestyle.

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