When you begin to awaken and are awake.

A Hathor message that’s showing how evolution is an eternal creation.

August 14th 2017

A process of gradual awakening and unfolding, like a dawn. In messengers and teachers I’ve encountered in my life, I’ve found similar descriptions and views, which are in contrast to the way “The Event” is described by a virtual group with the name Prepare for Change. An event as being a flash reaching planet Earth, a sudden change. Mind you, I don’t deny such a possibility. It’s just that I can’t see it as something that will happen.

I’m always using Nature as an example and teacher of how developments in life occur, be it in planet Earth’s nature or in a human’s nature. Which is related. As within so without. To me, a gradual process of Awakening, the transition from 3D to 5D with the 4D bridge in between, offers each human being an opportunity to move with the flow of change and to gain insights, finding new approaches and solutions, by being given the time to work that out, a playground of practice, if you will. If that time is used for that purpose is a choice. That choice might present itself in deep grief or despair, it’s what causes the crack in the egg, allowing light to enter. Remember Leonard Cohen’s song with that line? “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

A gradual awakening, which is happening at this moment on planet Earth, as I perceive it, is not only a calmer process but it also offers each human being, all sentient beings on the planet, a process of embodiment of the facets in these gradual changes and moves. Those inner motions, inner digestion if you will, contains a treasure box for our present and future adventures, in that embodiment of the truth offers us wisdom and skills in our assistance towards others around us and our future comrades, who knows, different civilisations inside planet Earth, or all through our Galaxy?

As I perceive it and envision, we are given an opportunity to be present as observers, in that change, as much as active players in that change.

To me, a gradual process feels logical and natural. I’m sharing my observations, while finding many new thoughts and inner stirrings, knowing that I can miss clues, be mistaken or poorly informed. There’s unity possible in a variety of expressions, which is the essence of free will to me. To me, it’s each of us that can and will be the key to bring the restoration of freedom of expression about.

In the end there’s no formula or rule to live by. Only the power of love that transforms everything, if we live in integrity to the love and truth that are our favourite companions. I’m now keeping an eye on my inner world, while active in the outer world, engaging in events, initiatives and new friendships, holding integrity high. I’ve realised that I was drawn out of my healthy boundaries by obeying to my curiosity and exploring mind. It’s walking on a tight rope with balance as the main focus, using every muscle.

That became an adventure, in the last 18 months, where I left my inner sanctuary and lost balance. Isn’t it tempting how internet can draw us in that direction? It’s almost as if exploring many global movements and events turns into a consumption of data, pieces of a puzzle, dots to connect, in some form of devouring, not serving discernment or understanding and causing obstipation in our spiritual digestive system.

I’m beginning to see that dramatic events on a global change, for the better or the worse, aren’t necessarily proof of their creator’s integrity. Integration and integrity are siblings in finding direction on our path and I’m finding (again) that the world of physical form, tangible and including our 5 senses, is the best workfloor for discernment in sync with embodying our soul, even when we have no clue what a “soul” is.

Simultaneously, the bridge between life in the streets, with confused human beings in all sorts of conditions, and the world of spiritual workers, healers and warriors can be build much easier. There’s much unsubstantial content in the virtual world, after all, it’s a world that shows up on our screens, created with 1’s and 0’s in endless amounts of combinations.

It’s a flat linear world, it’s why we’re able to press the delete button and undo all content in that world. Besides, I feel we’re not supposed to be informed about all drama happening on planet Earth and find it presented in screaming neon-light. The forms of distraction that lead us away from our center are numerous, be aware please.

It’s a cosmic humor to me that the non-physical parts of me, which I call my soul, astral body and etheric body, are natural parts of me, while my mind can’t wrap its head around it. The process of awakening seems to be a knock on our inner doors, where some of these door give access to unknown rooms with unused furniture and a spinning wheel that helps us spin our thread and weave our own pattern in life.

Creating one that isn’t copying others is dangerous at times, but it’s probably also the key to a liberation we’re longing for. Inner freedom, overcoming fear. First and foremost in our own home, our inner sanctuary.

Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


Out of the blue….

Welcome on my Orandasite! Know that you’re welcome here, also by leaving a comment. Safe journeys on your path. Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Baghor.

Voor de Hollanders onder jullie,  er is een Hollandse pagina in de kolom aan de linkerkant. Welkom op mijn blog!


A walk in the Mendip Hills 07-2015 (3).jpg

A walk in the Mendip Hills Somerset UK, look for the tiny tower on Glastonbury’s Tor on the horizon and the tiny wanderers in the field. It’s where I lived the first year of my new life in the UK.

Oswald 11-2015
Oswald, a gentle dog, company on many Wednesday walks. 


A little in between about my background and the year 2010 a year of awakening:

On my birthday, Jan 1st 2010, just like that, or so it seems, out of the deepest blue,     I exclaimed “From now on I will come out of the closet with all that is in me and I will show all of my faces and all of my masks”.


Ons gezin met de 4 oudsten bij huis F.C. Donderslaan tante Mien Erenga Marietje                                  Marietje, white ribbon in hair 1958

Marian 1963
1976 Glamour on bike
  Marian 1974
Marian 2011
Marian 2011
Marian 06-2015 a few days before moving overseas
Marian on Bellever Tor 11-2016



Marian 04-2017 (4)
Marian 04-2017





















Well, good heavens! that’s been a wild ride for sure,  not knowing what inner  earthquakes this prophecy to myself, manifesting itself in my reality in the years to follow, would cause. Now that we’re arrived in 2016, I’ve learned a bit of what that prophecy  was about and what it still holds, at present, in its folds. My life has changed for the better, I’ve come closer in receiving truth as a friend.  

The truth of my nature and a deeper connection to nature, so that love may flow through me and sustain me while living life to the fullest, learning to accept my shadow and shine my light, receiving the shine and love offered by those around me as well.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

New ways of looking at the motions of life and how it unfolds are showing up increasingly, often in moments of tiny growth-spurts and an opening of windows with new views, new vistas. Think a moment about this one: a process is as much part of manifestation as the manifestation of the result or fruition of that process. Doesn’t that take out the sting of frustration and impatience? Suffering due to our judgment that we want to be done with it and get over it for feeling uncomfortable?

When a process of growth, through whatever emotions and feelings, is appreciated as part of the manifestation that we create and bring forth, the experience will seem shorter, lighter and clearer. Take this as food for thought and digest it with your own unique digestive system: stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines…   try something new.

My YouTube channel is marian baghor – small m and b or large capital M and B with slideshows of pictures mainly, showing impressions of Holland and England’s cities, villages and the countryside. Plus a few videos with my views on the issue of privacy protection against control and spying on the world-population’s whereabouts and behaviour, while surfing the internet using digital gadgets.

I mean the control and spying, by means of tracking and visual access through those gadgets, spying on the whereabouts and communications of its owners, the topic of security, safety and transparency in the virtual world. The Edward Snowden Treaty is related to this subject and published by me, in one of the videos, illustrated with self -made images.

My SoundCloud name is Victoria Baghor – you’ll find my readings about adventures with animals, human beings and the elements all thriving by nature’s wisdom. The readings of “Alice in Wonderland” part 1 and 2 are present here, just scroll down and find them.   


The following images show some of my interests in life: Merlin initiation

Merlin, to me, is the teacher of nature’s laws, the mystery of spirit’s presence in physical form and the needle of our compass in life, pointing at choices of direction with the quality of compassion. Also it’s about the merging of wisdom and heart. Our spirit being is infinitely wiser and smarter than what our mind likes to tell us.

Danny Kaye in Jester's king (7)

Danny Kaye in “The King’s Jester” overthrowing the “powers that be” in a most ego-damaging and hilarious way. Danny shows great agility and wit, in appearance, voice and acting the fool. He’s one of my favorite actors, for I’m a bit of a jester too, though lighthearted, usually.

Examples of my pictures in nature, in Holland and the UK:

Strabrechtse heide Heeze- Geldrop 09-2013 (5).jpg
The South of Holland in August with purple heather in bloom
Reedfields Holland.JPG
Reeds along a narrow canal in Westbroek Holland
The Dutch beach and dunes near Scheveningen


The “Seven Sisters” here visible in the picture. I arrived here, without knowing my destination and I slept on the pebbles after the long walk from Alfriston. Here are the seven white cliffs of chalk, millions of years have passed while slowly this formation was build up, layer after layer. Due to the lowering of the sea level, this cliff shows what’s been formed by tiny sea-creatures.  Awesome, isn’t it? When you think of it.


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Memories of Holland

Autumn leaves with green pink, beige and sienna, in sunshine and shades
A walk from Alfriston along a riverbed, arriving at the seaside with the “Seven Sisters” in view      at the coast of  Sussex. One of the beautiful walks I’ve enjoyed in the UK.