The meaning of Oranda


Oranda is about honoring the memory of our ancestor’s history, their heritage present in rock and soil, residing in our dna too, as genetic memories. It means the heritage of our ancestors and the name was used by the North American indians. It’s about honouring the values and moral courage, that respects the origin of life, nature´s wisdom, and honours the authenticity of each fellow human being and the cohesion of a society, tribe or clan.

Oranda is a word and a verb both, therefore it’s also the way this was expressed through working together on the land, at home and in crafts and toolmaking, love- and hay-making, in love for life that was expressed in relatonships, through gatherings and ceremonies, in sharing of sorrow and joy in co-operation.

A communal creation. The nature of the N. American indian-warrior required knowledge of the prevailing rules in diplomacy, of their own tribe and tribes they visited, the art of moving and juggling between arguments of parties and to be in the know of secrets and history, that proved to be useful in creating relationships of all kinds. Creating friendship as well as animosity.

Doesn’t this sound like a set of skills, that is required in diplomats of the modern Western world? To me, it’s the abillity to use our head and heart, with wisdom and a good sense of humor. The totempole in the picture above, shows the important events in the life of the resident and his ancestors, by the use of symbols as codes that are understood by the members of the tribe. And those of others, so that most visitors could “read” by observing the pole, about the resident and his background, in that place.

In the same way, our values and principles, our way of life in a connection with the origin of our life, which I call spirituality, could become more immersed in our daily life, our practical work and our attitude, towards ourselves and others, maintaining our wellness in that way. The Sumerian name for king and shepherd is the same, that’s meaningful to me. In ancient times, kings were capable of being a shield, metaphorically speaking, holding the foundation of their realm, maintaining safety for their people.

In down-to-earth terms, a shepherd holds his herd of sheep within boundaries, with his staff and the assistance of his dog. The latter is a piece of cake, compared to present global and human affairs, anno 2016.

When true safety for body and soul is ensured, the expression of spirituality in ceremonies should be arranged in such a way, that they’re free and open to all. Also discussed and pondered by all, with an open mind and heart. When hierarchy and dogma determine such practice, soon power may reign over human hearts and mindcontrol will be part of it.

Where I stand for, in my life and work is the application of this quality of life, in the circumstances and with the potential in these bewildering and beautiful times, anno 2016. This is a dream I bring into manifestation. At the root of every problem lies the answer to it. It all depends on our ability to find that answer, there’s no recepee for that in our exploration of it. The readiness for it, in you and me, is the key, I think. And the readiness to move, change, be agile and flexible.

By a respected teacher, who explained to the class how physical planet Earth was formed, in a most beautiful way, I received the following text, when we joined together for the last time, ending our study.

He calls it “Modern quote to keep up your courage”

“Search for the reality of a practical life.
But search for it in such a way, that it doesn’t obscure the Spirit that works in and through it. Search for the Spirit, but don’t search for it in supersensual lusting, in sensual egocentricity. But search for it, because you long to apply it in a practical life, in the material life.

Use the old adage:
The world of Spirit is never without the world of form, of matter.
Matter is never without the presence of Spirit”
In such a way, that you say

“We want to do all the material work in the light of the Spirit
And we want to search for the light of the Spirit in such a way
that warmth is generated for our practical work”

Our willingness and ability to try as best as we can, determines our succes without failure being a part of it. Isn’t that fun? No need for judgment. And that’s a relative new “higher” form of freedom in expression and autonomy, welcoming us, although “stumble and fall” may also be part of it. We’re human beings and we can only try to be the best version of ourselves. By going that path we gain wisdom, more or less with bruises on our soul.

Here’s an example of how a mother chooses a path, for and with her children, outside the trodden paths, against all odds, thinking for herself.

She found what works for her kids. There’s an increasing call for change within the schoolsystem at present, when mental abilities are developed in order to benefit economic value and emotional maturity is ignored.

Below is a video with the title “Learning from history” offering food for thought about the Druids.

“Once upon a time in the civilized world the monarch and the public servants who honoured their oath of allegiance, delivered to the people freedom, justice, leisure and instruction by facilitating instruction and apprenticeship. The city-state encouraged each individual to develop special skills appropriate to the ascribed natural or genetic abilities of that individual, to meet the many needs of the wider community, the pursuit of excellence in each department was a matter of honour where self-interest led to a duty of care towards fellow citizens and the overall success of that community”

Edmund Marriage 2004

During my study of the Sumerian culture, I found that the Sumerian name for “king” is similar to the word “shepherd”and that’s a clear pointer at the role of a king, serving the wellbeing of the population under his reign.

In our weakest spot we can find our greatest strength, by acknowledging the pain and by understanding what caused it, during the healing process, finding forgiveness toward one self. You may be surprised to find what’s hiding beneath pain. For it’s usually due to our highest desire being dismissed and abandoned, by ourselves, that is the cause of our sorrow leading to the choice of our attitudes and paths in life. At the age of 3 we usually make a statement about what life means to us and how we are present in that life, although it’s reached  through an unconscious level of reasoning and a felt sense.

There’s as much personal story in this as there’s a human collective story, as I perceive it. Our wounded heartaches are a portal to a greater love and compassion, when we’re ready to surrender and to accept our nature’s truth, and humanity’s truth. Connected to the flowering of human consciousness in this time, this body, all of us on this earth. And….. courageously.. let it be true.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi


About the quality of life on all levels and balance in our use of natural resources: the video below is published on March 20th of 2015 with the title “Why is organic food so …… expensive?”

“Ali Partovi serves on the board of FoodCorps, a non-profit that deploys volunteers to improve food sourcing & education in schools. He is a passionate advocate of sustainable food systems, and has invested in ventures like BrightFarms and Farmigo, as well as real estate fund Farmland LP to scale more resource-efficient farming techniques.

Ali Partovi has been described by the San Jose Mercury News as one of “Silicon Valley’s top angel investors,” having been on the ground floor of both Facebook and Dropbox. Shortly after graduating from Harvard, he co-founded LinkExchange (acquired by Microsoft for $265mm). Partovi later co-founded iLike (acquired by MySpace). Partovi’s investments have also included: Zappos, OPOWER, Thumbtack, and Airbnb. Ali co-founded non-profit, which promotes Computer Science education and hosts the worldwide “Hour of Code.”

The Cosmic Giggle a documentary with views of visionairy men and women.